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The half-hour tribute to Noele is to air on May 16th 2012 at 7.30pm (ITV1+1 an hour later) however it appears the programme is not to air on ITV regions STV or UTV. This is especially disappointing firstly as Noele Gordon's parents were both Scottish thus the show is very relevant to the Scottish TV region and secondly her most famous programme, Crossroads, was hugely popular on Ulster TV in the 1960s and 70s. In fact UTV in Northern Ireland was one of the few regions in 1964 to show episode one of the motel-set soap along with ATV Midlands.

Viewers to the UTV and STV regions can find ITV1 in their region if they have the SKY television service.

ITV has commissioned a 30-minute celebration of the former ITV personality. Produced by North One Television with assistance from The official ITV Crossroads Fan Club, The Noele Gordon Estate and ATV Network. The series is broadcast on ITV1 in England, Channel Islands and Wales and on STV in Scotland and UTV in Northern Ireland.

A BBC interview with Noele Gordon for Radio West Midlands was repeated on Sunday 19th February 2012 as part of broadcaster Ed Doolan's 40 years in radio celebrations. The interview from 1983 covers Noele's return to Crossroads and also features producer Jack Barton discussing her role of Meg Mortimer in the ATV series.

Noele Gordon features in the latest release from the wonderful Network DVD. As part of their new Soap Box DVD an episode from the 1980s is included. The storyline centres on the false accusation that Arthur Brownlow (Peter Hill) committed sexual assault. Also stars the late Margaret John as Marion Owen.

In a new interview with ATV Network Charles Denton, who was blamed for the sacking of Noele Gordon from Crossroads in 1981, has revealed for the first time he wasn't to blame for Nolly's departure from the soap. The interview is part of an online special to mark 30 years since ATV ended as an ITV broadcaster.

Noele Gordon and the Jerry Allen Trio produced the music album in 1963 following the success of the popular ITV daily daytime variety series. It can now be downloaded from Amazon.

Since 2006 a documentary to chart in detail the story of Crossroads has been underway by the Crossroads Fan Club in association with ATV Network. The Noele Gordon Estate is also assisting with this project which has had assistance from ITV Central, Birmingham Cathedral and Crossroads Care. The latter is to have the ATV-cut of the proceeds of a DVD donated to the charity which ITV founded in association with ATV in 1974.

Noele Gordon and her mother's graves have been spruced up. ATV Network paid for the headstones and surrounding area to be cleaned up in April 2011. For some years previous their graves at St Mary's Ross on Wye had been cause for concern, however this was mainly down to a problem with a wall within the grounds which has now been repaired and the graves near it are free from scaffolding and unkempt surroundings once more.

We would like to thank St Mary's in Ross on Wye for the work they do at maintaining the general appearance of the graveyard and also thank the many fans who continue to leave flowers for Noele at regular intervals across the year. We must also thank BBC Radio West Midlands and Ed Doolan especially for highlighting the need to keep Noele's last resting place tidy.
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