Noele hits ’em for six


NOELE GORDON can chalk up a record this week.

By Sunday night she will have made six I T V appearances in as many days. Her marathon started on Tuesday when she appeared as Meg Richardson in ‘Crossroads‘ and she herself on The Des O’Connor Show.

She has two more ‘Crossroads‘ appearances this week, then on Saturday she joins the talent-judging panel of New Faces.

But the highspot of the week must be Sunday when she goes on stage for Sunday Night at the London Palladium to collect the award as Britain’s Most Popular Woman on TV Personality. Meanwhile, back at the Crossroads Motel, fans are still wondering whether Hugh Mortimer is returning to marry Meg.

Noele is giving no clues. She said: “I’m not going to spoil things for anyone. But I will say this, as far as Meg is concerned Hugh Mortimer is still the only man who’s really mattered in her life.”

As noted in The Mirror earlier in April 1974, Noele had won the TV Times award for the 5th time:

“Noele Gordon, who plays Meg Richardson in Crossroads, has been voted favourite female TV personality by readers of the TV Times for the fifth year running.”

The Mirror, written by Clifford Davis.

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