Meg’s all set for a spring wedding


Noele Gordon and John Bentley as Meg and Hugh

ACTRESS Noele Gordon will become a spring ‘bride’ next year.

But she won’t be changing her real-life single status because her marriage will be as Meg Richardson, her famous role in the long-running TV serial Crossroads.

Meg will marry her boyfriend in the series handsome Hugh Mortimer – played by John Bentley.

Noele said: “This has always been suggested by Crossroads fans – and  always turned down. But now I’ve just learned that I am to marry Hugh in a spring wedding in Birmingham.”

“John Bentley and I have worked together for nearly nine years. I’m not in love with him or anything like that, but it has never been difficult for me to play a love scene with him.”

The Mirror, written by Clifford Davis.

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