Meg’s Man


Tony and Noele in 1974.

NOELE GORDON, the TV favourite of millions as Meg Richardson in Crossroads has a new romance.

It is with 37-year-old Tony Waters a fish merchant who is also a semi-professional actor and singer.

Noele has never married and always claimed that her career came first. But she admitted last night, “He’s my boyfriend” Then she added, “If he asks me to marry him, I’ll have to think about it.”

Bearded Tony who, like Noele, lives in Birmingham said: “I’m very flattered to be her boyfriend. But that’s as far as it goes so far”

The two met when Noele, who is in her fifties, went to see a production of a musical show Tony was performing in.

Noele’s TV character, Meg, has marriage very much in mind in the popular Crossroads series about a Midlands motel. Meg is due to be a spring bride when she marries her boyfriend in the series handsome Hugh Mortimer, played by John Bentley.

But real-life boyfriend Tony is likely to be keeping an eye on things – foe he now has a small part in Crossroads.

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