Advertisements and Sponsorship Deals

The television regulator, the ITA, and later IBA, ‘banned’ Noele from appearing in TV adverts due to the frequency she was on television in Crossroads. However, Noele was able to appear in person at commercial ventures and in-store and print advertising.

Noele also had deals with supermarkets to be the ‘star attraction’ when a new store or refurbished store was reopening, these included Tesco, Fine Fare and the Coop. There was also a similar deal with Ladbrokes Bingo and Top Rank Bingo establishments. Some promotions are contained here for a few of those occasions. In other endorsements, Noele opened the public toilets at Hanley Park, Stoke-On-Trent, and she opened the new Sankey showrooms (toilet manufacturer) in Hanley in 1973 – the stranger engagements.

Here are a few of those Nolly endorsements.

Wincarnis Tonic Wine

Great Universal Catalogue


Another promo for Great Universal

Noele had a successful period with the Co-operative Society, opening food halls and other associated ventures, such as prize giveaway appearances.

Noele had a long-running arrangement with Woolworth to open new branches (or refurbished old ones), and give prize winners their winnings.

Farepak Hamper Club

Farepak Christmas Hamper Club


Norvic Ladies Shoes

Norvic Ladies Shoes


Falstaff tablewear

Nuneaton Indoor Market

Warwick Castle meet and greet *

 ‘Street poster’ for The Birmingham (Indoor) Shopping Centre *

Brentford Nylons – In-store promotions. Jane Rossington also was hired for some promos. *


Noele had an arrangement with Tesco Supermarkets in the Midlands to open new branches (or refurbished old ones).

Stores included Northfield, Hyson Green (1969), Leamington Spa (1971) and Southam (1973)

TPL European Furniture Centre, with Larry Grayson.

Broadway Precinct Coalville (now the The Belvoir Shopping Centre)

With thanks to John Drury, Greg Morton and James Ogden for additional items and/or information.

*Theses items have been cleaned up or repaired due to age faults.

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