Up, Up and Away

Air Tour for TV’s Mrs. ‘Meg’



FRIDAY the 13th spells caution, sounds ominous. Yet if the thought of a 1,000 miles jetliner journey on this day passed their minds the Crossroads team gave no hint of their fears as they climbed aboard an executive aircraft, at the start of a whistle stop tour of Britain.

Even superstitious Marilyn (Sue Nicholls) looked happy about everything, and why shouldn’t everyone else be including Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon), Michael Prescott (Joseph Morris) and Sandy Richardson (Roger Tonge).

The team from one of Britain’s top-rating serials were celebrating their 400th production. They had cause to feel proud for critics had predicted Crossroads a failure.

How could a daily Midland serial succeed, they had asked? Yet in 18 strenuous months the cast has proved them wrong beyond all doubt and were off to tell as many as they could about it.


Elmdon airport was buzzing with excitement as the four actors left for Glasgow. In under 24-hours the cast squeezed in receptions at Carlisle, Southampton, Exeter and Bristol.

They met fans at the airports and TV Studios and real-life Meg Richardsons were picked from the crowd to meet ‘Meg’. (Noele Gordon).

Noele Gordon commented: “We are all very proud of ourselves. We learn lines, rehearse and record episodes everyday except Sundays. And we think that makes us the hardest working team in television.”

Coventry Standard, journalist unknown, 1966

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