Crossroads gets a boost?


One of the nicer parts of looking at ATV’s Crossroads now and then is that one always sees old friends.

Like Sandy Richardson (Roger Tonge), Stevie Harris (Wendy Padbury), Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon) and Hugh Mortimer (John Bentley).

Some of the interesting minutes of the episode last Friday saw Claire and Paul Harkness (Audrey Nobel and Harry Webster) at the dinner table waited on by Mr. Fothergill (Daniel Thorndike), who sported quite the handsomest beard I’ve seen in many a day and many a programme.

Claire and Mr. Fothergill are really interesting characters and could be the draw which would make me a regular looker at Crossroads.

The two youngsters, Sandy and Stevie, are always good to watch and an important part of life around the motel is the sharp but good-natured arguments between Carlos (Anthony Morton) and Sandy Richardson.

Review by Marjorie Norris, The Stage, Television Today, 1966

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