The First Noele…

ITV Christmas Special


THE Noele Gordon in Larry’s Christmas Party (I T V, 7.30) has a different image from her familiar portrayal of Meg Richardson in Crossroads (I T V, times vary).

For a start, Noele is a trim 8st, 6lb. “I’ve shed two stone in the last few months” she said. And in the show hosted by comedian Larry Grayson there’s a touch of glamour for her too. Instead of the homely image of her Mum role in Crossroads Noele wears a £250 gown.

Tonight for the first time in years you’ll be seeing Noele, who swept to stardom in the lead in such stage musicals as Brigadoon and Call Me Madam, in a theatrical mood.

Call Me Madam in fact provides the peg for a song routine with Larry. “We sing ‘Hostess with the Mostess,” said Noele.

Noele, whose birthday is on Christmas Day, has just sold her georgian house at Ross on Wye. She will now live permantly in Birmingham to be nearer the Crossroads studios. Look for a suprise ending to the show involving Larry. It’s something that has never been done before. [Larry was surprised by Eamonn Andrews for a This Is Your Life tribute].

Daily Mirror, written by Clifford Davis.

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