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Why you’ll see less of Noele…

Daily Mirror, May 1st, 1971

The TV Times 1500 Special Magazine (ATV Network archive)

NOELE GORDON, ITV’s Meg Richardson, was munching raw mushrooms and shredded carrots. After five days of fasting she is delighted with herself. This week she lost nine pounds in weight.

We met at Forstmere, the Hampshire health hydro, where they slim or fatten their patients according to their needs. Noele has been going there every six months since the ‘Crossroads’ series started six years ago.

Scriptwriters write Meg Richardson out of the series during her absences. Viewers think she’s on holiday or visiting friends. She Said: “I don’t just come here to lose weight. It’s also to clear the system, recharge the batteries.”


“I leave here with all the aches and pains gone. A new woman. But in six months I’ll be back. It’s the pace we work. It’s killing. We celebrate the 1,500th edition of Crossroads this month. Apart from holidays I’ve been in all of them.

“It’s tough going, just like rep [theatre] every week. We have to learn the equivalent of a full length play [every week].”

More editions of Crossroads have been screened than any other British serial. And for this month’s 1.500th anniversary edition producer Reg Watson has lined up a cast of performers associated with the serial since it started.

The same anniversary programme will be seen in each ITV Station taking the serial.


London is normally six months behind everyone else because Thames TV dropped the show and then brought it back when viewers complained. Tomorrow as it happens, the slimmed-down Noele is due to read the lesson at her Parish Church in Ross on Wye. It will be Luke Chapter 12, verses 22:34

And the lesson opens with ‘Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat: neither for the body what ye shall put on’. Noele Gordon may preach this. But please forgive her. She won’t practice it.

Written by Clifford Davis.

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