Glasgow Motel

Stars Gather at Crossroads of the Air


WAITING louge 16 of Glasgow Airport was turned into a mimature ‘Crossroads Motel’ to-day, when four stars of the programme made a flying visit to the airport to meet Glasgow’s Mrs Richardson.

Scots-born Noele Gordon, who plays Meg Richardson, her TV son Sandy, played by Roger Tonge, Sue Nicholls who plays a waitress and  Joseph Morris a barman in the series met Glasgow’s Mrs Meg Richardson and her six-year-old son Sandy, of 23 Annandale Street, Govanhill, Glasgow.

The real Mrs Richardson had been selected from several hundred entries in a competition to celebrate the 400th episode of the show.

The Crossroads party arrived in a private jet similar to the one owned by Frank Sinatra. They left Birmingham at nine o’clock this morning and by the time they return to Birmingham to-night they will have visited Glasgow, Carlisle, Southampton, Exeter and Bristol – a total of 1100 miles.


At each town or city they will meet the regional winner of the competition. Mr Peter Harrison, A.T.V.’s deputy controller in the Midlands delivered a message of greeting from the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Alderman George Corbyn Barrow to Glasgow’s Lord Provost Mr John Johnson. The message was received on behalf of the Lord Provost by Bailie G. Broadbent at the airport.

In September when the programme celebrates 500 episodes all the Mrs Richardson winners will be invited to a celebration at the Crossroads Motel in Birmingham.

Twenty-eight-year-old Meg Richardson has four children, her husband David (30) is a lorry driver. “It was a great surprise whe I heard I was chosen,” she said, “Sandy and I are really looking forward to the celebrations at the motel in September. All the stars of Crossroads are very pleasant people to talk to and are not a bit different from their television counterparts.”

After meeting Mrs Richardson the Crossroads stars met several hundred fans who had gathered at the main concourse of the airport.

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