ITV Tribute Documentary 2012

The Unforgettable Noele Gordon, produced by North One Television, aired on ITV1, UTV and STV in 2012. The prime-time half-hour tribute documentary was later screened on ITV3 and repeated a number of times on ITV1.

The production brought friends and colleagues of Noele to screen to talk about her career and life, from Nolly’s early days in East Ham through the theatre years and her pioneering early TV days. The main focus of the second part of the programme was Noele’s years with Crossroads.

3.2 million viewers tuned in on the debut ITV1 screening (in England and Wales) with later showings on STV (Scotland) and UTV (Northern Ireland) making it one of the most-watched of the Unforgettable editions of the 2012 run – which considering it was up against EastEnders on BBC One was impressive.

Press coverage of the programme can be seen here

Tony Adams

Sue Nicholls

Alan Coleman (Crossroads director)

Jane Rossington

The Unforgettable Noele Gordon, ITV1

Susan Hanson

Jean Bayless

Roger Redfarn (Theatre Producer)

Anne Diamond (ATV colleague)

Ken Felton (Housekeeper/Chauffer)

A young Noele as pictured in The Unforgettable…

Keith Lascelles (ATV floor manager)