Television, Film and Radio

A look at Noele’s major work across TV, movie and radio broadcasts.


Cap and Bells, BBC Radio (Home Service), 1944

A  late-night revue featuring Noele Gordon, Hubert Gregg, Cliff Gordon, Frances Day and Naunton Wayne.

Fools’ Paradise, BBC Radio (Home Service), 1945

Noele stars weekly as Letty Venables in this ‘adventure in six parts’ drama from a story by John Jowett and Vernon Harris.

Mable in Metroland, BBC Radio, (Home Service), 1945

Fairy story of a London bus in wartime. Book and lyrics by Henrik Ege. Noele played Rosamond. Other cast included Dick Francis as Mr Blatherwick and Binnie Hale as Mable.

Cinderella, BBC Radio (Home Service), 1945

A special version of the pantomime at the Alexandra Theatre. Birmingham. Starring Noele Gordon as Prince Charming.

Dick Whittington, BBC Radio (Light Programme), 1946

From the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham. The cast includes Tommy Fields, Noele Gordon, Hermene French, Evelyn Dove, Gerry Lee, Dan O’Dare and Ernie Dillon.

Little Red Riding Hood, BBC Radio (Home Service) 1947

From the Adelphi  Theatre, London starring Jimmy Nervo and Teddie Knox, Noele Gordon, Dormonde Brothers and Janet Brown.

Now is the Time BBC Radio (Home Service) 1947

Noele Gordon and Brian Reece in an late evening entertainment. Accompanied by Norman Hackforth at the piano.

Brigadoon, BBC Radio (Light Programme) 1949

From His Majesty’s Theatre, London, an excerpt from the musical play presented by  Prince Littler. Starring Milo Lewis, Patricia Hughes, Noele Gordon and Bill O’Connor.

Songs from the Shows, BBC Radio (Light Programme) 1949

Popular musical numbers introduced by John Watt. Performances from Noele Gordon, John Hanson, Emma Webb and the BBC Concert orchestra.

Benevolent Fund for Nurses in Scotland, BBC Radio (Home Service) 1951

Noele   presents a programme appeal on behalf of the Benevolent Fund for Nurses in Scotland and looks at the work they carry out. This programme would be repeated occasionally until 1957.

Humpty Dumpty, BBC Radio, (Light Programme) 1952

Radio version of the Palladium pantomime. Introduced by Val Parnell, starring as Martha Norman Evans, The King of Felicia Terry -Thomas, Princess of Felicia Jean Bayless, Florizel Noele Gordon and Humpty Dumpty Betty Jumel.

The Larry Grayson Show, BBC Radio 2, 1974

Larry is joined by showbiz pal Noele Gordon who both are currently starring in Grayson’s Scandals at the London Palladium.

Take A Name, BBC Radio Birmingham, 1974

On May 6th Noele presented her favourite songs in a 6pm slot.

Musical Memories, BBC Radio 2, 1979

Larry Grayson looks back at his favourite musicals and performers. Noele Gordon talks Brigadoon.

The Ed Doolan Show, BRBM, 1980

Noele was the guest host while Ed was on a well earned holiday.

Christmas Night with Noele Gordon, Radio City Liverpool, 1980

Noele is one of a number of star name to host special festive programmes on 194 Radio City. Others joining the schedules included Cliff Richard, Les Dawson, The Nolans, David Essex and Cannon & Ball.

Start the Week, BBC Radio 2, 1981

Noele joined the talk show alongside other guests including Kenneth Gregory and Gary Glitter.

PM, BBC Radio 4, 1981

Noele talks her return to the stage following the end of her time with ATV after 26-years.

Kaleidoscope, BBC Radio 4, 1981

Presenter Richard Mayne meets Noele Gordon and Fiona Fullerton to discuss their latest musical, Gypsy at the Haymarket Theatre, Leicester.

Bingley Hall Exhibition, BBC Radio Birmingham, 1982

Noele Gordon talks about mistakes in Crossroads as well as live TV being the best kind of television. Other debate includes Don Maclean’s appearance in Crossroads and Nolly’s first stage appearance. Presented by Ed Doolan.

Late Night Larry, BBC Radio Birmingham, 1983

Larry Grayson takes you into the early doors with music and conversation.  Noele Gordon pops in for a chat in this August ‘83 edition..

Ed Doolan: Crossroads in Venice, BBC Radio Birmingham, 1983

Ed Doolan hosts a Crossroads special recorded in Venice. The ITV soap has recently filmed scenes in the city, and Ed chats to Noele Gordon and producer Jack Barton about the forthcoming episode.

Gloria Hunniford Show, BBC Radio 2, 1983

Noele talks about her cancer diagnosis and her pending operation.

Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4, 1984

Introduced from Bristol by  Jenni  Murray.  Noele Gordon talks about her latest stage role in No No Nanette in Plymouth.


29 Acacia Avenue, Columbia Pictures, 1945

Urban comedy-drama. Noele appears as neighbour Mrs Wilson.

The Lisbon Story, British National Pictures, 1946

Noele took her stage character, Panache, to the big-screen in this lavish World War II drama. It was televised first on ITV on March 15th 1958. As part of an ATV Film Festival season, Noele introduced the movie to ITV viewers on June 5th 1960.

‘The love story of Gabrielle Girard, star of the Mogador Theatre, and David Warren, a young Englishman attached to military intelligence in France. During the German occupation, David is sent to Lisbon on an important mission, and Gabrielle has to decide whether to stay in Paris or join David (100mins)’

News Reel Short, Universal Pictures, 1947

Noele Gordon showcases  ‘spring fashions’  for  Universal  News  Reel. The feature caused a  fuss  in the  press when the voice over accidentally called her Noel Gay. The fashions were seen on screen in February ‘47.

You Bet Your Life, BBC Film Unit, 1952

The Arthur Askey stage show transfers to television where Nolly plays her theatre role of Kay in this ‘TV Movie’.


Ah! Wilderness, BBC Television, 1938

This  live  television  drama  saw  Noele  appear  as  an   Irish  maid. Broadcast from Alexandra Palace on May 3rd 1938 at 9.30pm.

Acacia Ave, BBC Television, 1948

Noele played  the  part   of  housemaid Shirley in a live   from   the Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green BBC drama.

Children to Bless You, BBC Television, 1948

Noele played Audrey Lawrence  in a  live  television drama broadcast from the Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green.

The Wright People, 1959

ATV Midlands drama about a local family, named Wright, and their daily lives. Noele guest appeared in episode two of the first series as herself when the family went to see ‘Lunch box’ being recorded and chaos ensued.


The Goldbergs, CBS Television / DuMont TV, 1954

American comedy-drama about a Jewish-American family living in New York City. Noele appeared in an episode as Mrs Willoughby.

The Most Likely Girl, ATV Midlands, 1956

Sitcom set in an everyday street starring Noele Gordon and Beryl Reid as worlds-apart neighbours. Also featured are Barbara Couper as Madge Dresswell and Graham Payn as Senor Don Pepe D’Ortega.


Rainbow Room, ATV Midlands, 1950s-60s

The main host was Jean Morton, more famous these days for Tingha and Tucker. Noele however co-presented some episodes with ATV personality and continuity announcer Pat Astley.

Talk of the Town, ATV London, 1959

Live glitzy prime time entertainment series from the Talk of the Town nightspot in London. Aired across the ITV network. Noele hosted.

Look Around, 1963

Different hosts each week for this chat and variety series with a local slant. Noele hosted a 1963 edition.

The Royal Variety Performance, BBC One, 1974

Noele’s second Royal Variety appearance gave her another ‘first’. Nolly became the first woman to present the gala evening.

Golden Gala, ATV Network, 1978

Noele Gordon is one of the 100 women taking part in this special all-female gala. Others include Googie Withers and Gabrielle Drake. Noele also narrated the production which was transmitted from the London Palladium in front of HRH Princess Margaret.

Summer Royal, ATV Network, 1980

A segment of the variety nostalgia programme is presented by Noele. Other regulars include Su Pollard and co-host Bernie Clifton. Star guests included Bob Monkhouse, Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball, Anita Harris, Frankie Howerd and Larry Grayson.

TV Variety as a guest

Saturday Variety, ATV Network, 1972

Noele made a couple of appearances on this popular evening variety show. This is the programme where she first met Larry Grayson.

Christmas With The Stars, Thames Television, 1972

Along with Ann George, Noele featured in a segment with Terry Wogan, Larry Grayson and Carl Wayne.

The Des O’Connor Show, 1974

Des had won TV Times personality of the year and Noele had won the female equivalent, so they teamed up on his 2nd April edition.

Sunday Night at the London Palladium, 1974

Noele appears on the April 7th edition. It was noted it was the sixth appearance in a week she’d made on ITV programmes.

Halls of Fame, BBC One, 1984

The Roy Hudd hosted nostalgia series saw Noele sing ‘You Made Me Love You’ in an edition recorded at the Sunderland Empire.


Week End, ATV London, 1955

A live weekly magazine series aimed at women. Notably, the first programme aired by ATV London in September ‘55. Noele was one of the content executives on the production and also appeared as one of the discussion guests several times, including on the first episode.

TV Times synopsis “Your family magazine. Introduced by Daphne Anderson and David Stoll with The Middlings, Raymond Bishop’s Advice for your garden, Gadgeting with Gilbert, Ruth Morgan in her kitchen, Warm in the Cold, Music in Camera. A guest to entertain you. This week’s competition.”

Ruth Morgan was the cookery editor of ‘Woman’magazine. David Stoll was better known as an actor while Daphne Anderson was a well-known theatre actress at the time.

Fancy That?, ATV London/ATV Midlands, 1955-57

An ‘ad mag’ series that showcased and reviewed consumer products.

About Homes and Gardens, ATV Midlands, 1957-61

Noele hosts this features series concerning homes, and you guessed it, also gardens. This ‘ad mag’ was a revamped version of ‘Fancy That’. Later hosted by Beryl Mason.

French Fashion and Fabric, ATV London, 1958

From The Pigalle, Piccadilly, London. An ATV Outside Broadcast unit will be joining a gathering of distinguished guests assembled at this well-known London restaurant to see some of the displays of new fashion and fabric from France. Presenter and Commentator Noele Gordon with co-commentator, Emlyn Jones.

Bachelor Flats, ATV London/ATV Midlands, 1950s

A look at hot property in the ATV Regions.


Tea with Noele Gordon, ATV London/ATV Midlands, 1956-57

ITV’s first chat show, Noele interviewed the big names of the era. The programme focused initially on theatre performers, guests included Morecambe and Wise, Ken Dodd and Wee Georgie Wood. Later expanded to also include star names visiting the region.

TV Times synopsis “Have a “cuppa” ready when that delightful personality Noele Gordon brings viewers a relaxed half-hour with people from show business.”

Musical Cheers!, ATV London/ATV Midlands, 1956

Noele and Jerry Allen and the TV Trio present a series described as ‘especially devised for looking and listening’.

Lunch box, ATV Midlands, 1957-1964

Four days a week Lunch Box was transmitted live without a studio audience from studios in Aston Cross in Birmingham. Jerry Allen and this TV Trio provided the music. In 1957 the show also had it’s own ‘spoof’ soap opera ‘The Groves’ that was a light-hearted tribute to BBC TV’s The Grove Family. Noele played ‘Granny Groves’.

Some special editions included:

January 1st 1959 a Comedy, romance and drama special.

January 5th 1959 a cookery special with a musical menu.

January 6th 1959 it’s just like ‘The Good Old Days’ as Lunch Box turns the clock back to the Astoria Theatre for a Music Hall edition.

January 16th 1959 ‘Rock with us to the Kasbah Record Shop for the best from the hit parades, old and new’ in a Lunch Box pop special.

August 24th 1959 headline news is the theme today as Lunch Box introduces a One O’Clock News from ITN from today.

September 1st 1959 Lunch Box heads to the ‘the Wild and Woolly West today’ for a cowboy themed extravagaza.

September 11th 1959 It’s an ‘Special Anniversary Show’ as the team mark a landmark number of editions – 500! ‘It’s a party this afternoon, pausing at one o’clock for Lunch-Time News from the newsroom of ITN. Your hostess is Noele Gordon with TV’s happiest musical group Jerry Allen and his TV Trio. Roy Edwards and guest artists Eula Parker, Terry Burton, Peter Regan also contribute to the fun.’

Happy Birthday, ATV. ATV Midlands, 1957

Noele hosted a celebration for ATV’s first anniversary of serving the ITV viewers of the Midlands. A host of guests turned up to join the celebration including Matt Monro, Morecambe and Wise, Beryl Reid and Ken Dodd.

Christmas Box, ATV Midlands, 1956-63

The special festive edition of Lunchbox partly filmed in Cyprus in 1957 bringing sunshine to Christmas Day. The show became an annual special screened across the entire ITV network.

Lunchbox: Down Your Way, ATV Midlands, 1958-1964

The 5th edition of Lunchbox of the week aired live with a studio audience or from Midland locations.

Midland Profile, ATV Midlands, 1958-1960

A weekly programme which invited famous Midlanders to   chat one-to-one with Noele across the half hour programme.

Five Years By Your Fireside, ATV Midlands, 1961

Noele hosted a live celebration to mark ATV’s 5th anniversary on air in the Midlands.

Hi-T, ATV Network, 1964

Revamped teatime version of Lunchbox, with more of a chat show and features slant.

Format V: Nolly, ATV Network, 1978

In a one-off special of Format V Noele Gordon discusses with fans and critics of Crossroads why she loves the saga. Wendy Jones oversees proceedings.

Chat Shows as a Guest

Frost on Saturday, London Weekend Television, 1969

Noele Gordon and Dame Edna Everage were David Frost’s guests.

Frost   on   Saturday:   Colour   TV   special,   London   Weekend   Television, 1969

Noele is one of the studio audience, celebrating the launch of colour on ITV.

Lunchtime with Wogan, ATV Network, 1973

Nolly chats with Terry Wogan on his first TV chat show, airing at lunchtime on ITV.

Harty Plus, London Weekend Television, 1973

Chat show queen Russell Harty interviews the queen of soap, Noele Gordon on the series reaching 2000 episodes. They also discuss the joy of live TV.

Look Who’s Talking, Border Television, 1975

Derek Batey invites Noele to talk about her career, her life and her new book  ‘My Life at Crossroads’. A book Derek is thrilled to be flicking through!

Look Who’s Talking, Border Television, 1977

Following a popular programme two years prior, Derek Batey, a self-confessed Crossroads super-fan, welcomes Noele back to Border TV for another chat.

Russell Harty, BBC Two, 1981

Noele returns to chat with Russell who has now moved to the BBC.

Sunday Sunday, London Weekend Television, 1982

Gloria Hunniford welcomes  Noele,  who she describes as ‘the first lady of British television’ onto her sofa for a chat and a song or two.

Good Morning Britain, TV-am, 1983

Noele became an early friend of TV-am mainly due to former ATV mates Nick Owen and Anne Diamond working at the breakfast station. Noele appeared as a guest on GMB a number of times.

Russell Harty, BBC Two, 1983

Noele returns for her third chat with Russell Harty. The pair this time decide to perform a duet, but can Russell pull it off?

Nationwide, BBC News/BBC One, 1983 In conversation with Sue Cook, Noele discussed the end of Call Me Madam in the West End after only ten weeks despite critical acclaim and audience appreciation. The programme also included a video report on why the musical failed to work in the 1980s – the cost.

Noele had previously had a long-running success with the show in the 1940s in the west end and a popular run in the Midlands before it transferred to London.

Play It Again, Tyne Tees Television, 1983

Noele talks about her life and career via some of her favourite movie clips and stars.

What A Picture, BBC One, 1983

Noele brings in a collection of photographs from across her life to discuss them and the stories behind them.

Sunday Sunday, London Weekend Television, 1984

Noele returns to chat once more with Gloria Hunniford, the first interview since her cancer ops. Noele discusses remaining positive despite serious illness and how in the future Cancer treatment will be much more successful.

Breakfast Time, BBC News/BBC One, 1984

Chatting to Frank Bough and Selina Scott topics range from the latest stage show No, No Nanette and Noele’s life dealing with Cancer.

Good Morning Britain, TV-am, 1984

Noele gives her last extensive interview to Anne Diamond. The pair discuss her career, the battle with cancer and her hopes for the future.


Tingha and Tucker, ATV Midlands, 1962

The popular koalas pop into Lunchbox to find out how the programme is put together.

Tingha and Tucker, ATV Network, 1968

Aunty Jean Morton checks into the Crossroads Motel with her marsupial friends and meets Meg Richardson.


Midland Farming, ATV Midlands, 1956-1961

A weekly documentary looking at the farming and rural communities in the East and West Midlands.

Know Your Midlands, ATV Midlands, 1957-58

ATV presenters visit various locations around the region bringing interesting sights and facts to viewers. Noele Gordon is one of a rotation of presenters.

Noele Gordon Takes The Air, ATV Midlands, 1957

With Lunchbox she had become noted as a ‘have a go girl’ and tried her hand at many different skills, from training with the Army to the fire brigade and so forth. ATV decided to take this popular feature and make it into a series, this time they asked her to learn to fly over six episodes. She became a qualified pilot in the final edition.

Midland Scene, ATV Midlands, 1957-64

Documentary series looking at the people and places of the local region that are relevant to the people of the Midlands.

Midland Affairs, ATV Midlands, 1963

The forerunner to ITV Midlands’ Left, Right and Centre and Central Lobby political programmes. Noele appeared in a debate about ‘the state of the roads’, having been involved with two traffic incidents in recent years. She also featured in an edition paying tribute to the late Coventry Mayor Pearl Hyde.

This Is Your Life, Thames Television, 1973

Noele Gordon was given the big red book treatment.

Motorshow ‘78, ATV Network, 1978

Shaw Taylor, Richard Hudson-Evans and Noele Gordon present highlights from the 1978 NEC Motorshow.

Documentary and Factual as a guest

The New Rep Theatre, ATV Network, 1971

Noele is one of a number of guests discussing the virtues of repertory theatre as Nottingham’s new Rep opens.

This is Your Life, Thames Television, 1972

Noele is one of the names celebrating comedian Larry Grayson

This is Your Life, Thames Television, 1975

Noele joins her old stage co-star Ted Ray for a celebration of his life.

This is Your Life, Thames Television, 1975

Noele is back to celebrate the life and times of Petula Clark.

This is Your Life, Thames Television, 1976

Noele and other members of the Crossroads cast – including Jane Rossington, Joy Andrews, Ann George and Ronald Allen – record a video message to their co-star Arnold Ridley for his big red book treatment. Noele then surprises Arnold in the Thames studio.

Angela Rippon Reporting on… Soaps, BBC One, 1980

Presenter and BBC newsreader Angela Rippon meets the stars of British sagas in a fifty-minute programme. Noele Gordon is interviewed along with Ronald Allen, Roger Tonge, Jack Barton, Peter Ling and Mary Wilson for Crossroads.

Other shows featured include Together from Southern Television and Granada’s Coronation Street.

This is Your Life, Thames Television, 1980

Noele celebrates the work for Palladium panto co-star Janet Brown.

This is Your Life, Thames Television, 1982

Former Crossroads actress Diane Keen gets the big red book treatment. Noele Gordon is there to celebrate Keen.

This is Your Life, Thames Television, 1983

Noele surprises huge Crossroads fan, Arthur Marshall, on his night of glory.

This is Your Life, Thames Television, 1984

Noele makes an appearance on her dear pal Danny La Rue’s show. It’s noted how he had been supporting Noele during her recent illness.


ATV Sport, ATV Midlands, 1956-64

Reports and news on the latest sporting events in the Midlands. Noele was one of a number of presenters. Nolly’s reports often focused on the more quirky sporting activities in the region, although she was a massive fan of football in the Midlands.

ATV Midland Newsday, ATV Midlands, 1956-64

Noele Gordon being the only on-screen face of ATV who was on an executive contract was able to present on a wider range of programmes than any one else in the early Associated Television days. ATV News used this to their advantage when short-staffed. Noele filed a number of reports for the news slots. This also in 1958 lead her to be the first woman to interview a prime minister for television.

Noele Gordon reports for ATV News include:

Noele takes ATV News on a tour of the Lunchbox set as demand for their audience shows surprises everyone.   Feb 1957.A separate report shows the crowds waiting outside.

Noele surprises a winner following  a lucky draw at a   Rootes car showroom. June 1957.

Noele takes   the   news   cameras   for   a   day   trip   to   Zurich   in November 1957.

Noele   reports   on   the   Mercury   Girl   beauty   contest   at   the West End Ballroom in November 1957.

Noele   reports   on   how   ATV   is   transmitted   to   viewers.   She visits   the   Midlands   ITA   television   transmitter   at   Hints   village near Lichfield, Feb 1958.

Noele   reports   on   Bonfire   Night   events   across   the   Midlands before   heading   to   High   Town   Recreation   Ground   car   park   at Bridgnorth to light their fire, November 1958.

Nolly reports from the Earls Court Radio Show, August 1959.

Noele    Gordon    reports    on    the    latest    car    revolution,    a portable   telephone.   She   tries   Bernard   Braden   back   in   the studio   to   see   how   well   the   call   car   telephone   system   works. December 1959.

A New Angle on Noele Gordon, ATV Midlands, 1963

Noele presented this  six-part  series  on  the  sport  of  angling.   She later  became President of the  All  British Lady Anglers Association thanks to this programme.

Your Kind of Sport, ATV Midlands, 1963 ATV  personalities take on  sporting  challenges.  Pat Astley and Noele Gordon go skin diving.

Midland Montage, ATV Midlands, 1963

Pat Astley and  Noele Gordon introduce a special edition, paying tribute to her friend Pearl Hyde, the former Mayor of Coventry. Pearl died unexpectedly in April of 1963.

ATV Today, ATV Network, 1964-1981

ATV  Today in its early incarnation was a light magazine series, later revamped into a more serious news and features programme. Noele appeared to discuss issues many times, featured in Crossroads reports and occasionally guest presented features and reports.


Bongo with Noele Gordon, ATV Midlands, 1950s

A  music game show which involved five studio contestants answering music-related questions and guessing tracks played by Jerry Allen on his electric organ. When the show held a viewer competition over   40,000  Midland ATV regulars replied..

Bongo aired on Thursdays between two sections of Lunch Box.

Game shows as a guest

Tell The Truth, ATV London, 1958 (Presented by arrangement with Goodson and Todman and CBS)

Noele Gordon appeared on these editions;

Tuesday, February 11th with Anthea Askey, Bill Owen, John Skeaping and David Jacobs as Chairman.

Monday, February 17th with Angela Browne, Bill Owen, John Skeaping. Presented by ‘chairman of the show’ David Jacobs.

Monday, February 24th with Bill Owen, John Skeaping, Peggy Cummins and David Jacobs as the Chairman.

Monday, March 10th with Therese Burton, Bill Owen, John Skeaping and Angela Browne. David Jacobs is your host.

Monday, March 17th with Angela Browne, Bill Owen, John Skeaping and Chairman David Jacobs.

The Golden Shot, ATV Network, 1974

Broadcast from Birmingham Noele appeared a couple of times, including a Christmas special Bob Monkhouse, hosted on Boxing Day of ‘74.

Celebrity Squares, ATV Network, 1975-1979

Noele made eight ‘big box’  appearances during the shows run. Introduced by cuddly Kenny Everett and hosted by Bob Monkhouse. The Christmas Day edition of 1976 saw Noele presented with a Birthday present by Bob Monkhouse and her pal Diana Dors.

The Generation Game, BBC One, 1978

Noele appears on Larry Grayson’s first edition of the Gen Game.

Those Wonderful TV Times, Tyne Tees Television, 1978

Hosted by Barry Cryer, the television quiz featuring television stars. Noele Gordon battles her  TV knowledge against Ted Ray and Lynda Lee Potter.

Blankety Blank, BBC One, 1980

Noele joins Terry Wogan for more prizes and questions in Blankety   Blank.   Also   starring   Larry   Grayson,   Lorraine   Chase and Roy Hudd.

The Generation Game, BBC One, 1981

Noele makes her second, and final, guest appearance on Larry Grayson’s Gen Game.

Blankety Blank, BBC One, 1981

Larry Grayson and Noele are paired up again for another battle of the blanks. Nolly complains that Laz keeps hitting her during the programme. Other guests include Barry Cryer and Anita Harris.

Blankety Blank, BBC One, 1982

Terry Wogan is back with more prize winning blanks. Tonight Danny La Rue, Noele Gordon, Kenny Everett, Barry Cryer, Maggie Philbin and Dana ponder the questions.

Looks Familiar, Thames Television, 1982

This April ‘82 edition sees Dennis Norden welcome Noele, Bob Monkhouse and Arthur Lowe to the show that looks back to the showbiz days of the 30s and 40s.

Whose Baby, Thames Television, 1983

Leslie Crowther asks Noele and others to work out who the famous parents are from clues given by their offspring.

Blankety Blank, BBC One, 1983

Terry Wogan oversees the celebrity chaos as the blanks   are fired. Noele Gordon tonight helps one lucky contestant win a trip to Čaušica in the Supermatch round. Other stars on the panel    include Paul Shane,  Kenny Everett, Cleo Rocos, Lorraine Chase and Patrick Moore.

Note of interest

Double Your Money – 250th Edition, ITV Promotion – Noele Gordon features in a special promotion (releasing DYM balloons) marking the quiz shows 250th episode as hosted by  Hughie Green.


Emergency Ward 10, ATV London, 1964

The popular medical series set in the Oxbridge Hospital saw Noele appear as herself as part of a hospital open day on 10th July 1964.

Crossroads, ATV Network, 1964-1981 and 1983

Award-winning serial, loved by viewers and much-loathed by telly critics. Noele won more ‘soap awards’ than any other actress  –  a feat which is unlikely to ever be beaten. Noele played Meg, the owner of a fictional motel in the equally fictional village of Kings Oak.


Miss ATV, ATV Network, 1971

Noele was a judge on the annual competition.

Shut That Door, ATV Network, 1972

Noele pops in to see her pal Larry Grayson, and has a chat.  Noele is also given a TV Times award for ITV Personality of the Year.

Christmas with Larry Grayson, ATV Network, 1972

Noele returns to the Shut That Door set for another comedy romp with Larry Grayson.

New Faces, ATV Network, 1973

Noele joins host Leslie Crowther for the pilot of the talent show as one of the judges. (ATV region only)

New Faces, ATV Network, 1973

Noele is back as a judge with host Derek Hobson for the ITV network debut of New Faces.

New Faces, ATV Network, 1973

Noele is back as a judge in an October outing of the show.

New Faces, ATV Network, 1973

A November talent offering welcomes back Noele as a judge.

New Faces, ATV Network, 1973

Noele judges more new to TV faces.

New Faces, ATV Network, 1973

Noele is a judge on the Christmas Special of the Birmingham-produced talent show.

Miss ATV, ATV Network, 1974

Noele was a judge on the annual competition.

New Faces, ATV Network, 1974

Noele is back for series two to cast her eye over the talent on display in this April edition.

New Faces, ATV Network, 1974

Noele makes a guest appearance in July 1974 to give the band Showaddywaddy, who she had hoped for big things as a judge, their quarter of a million copies silver disc.

Miss ATV, ATV Network, 1976

Noele was a judge on the annual competition.

Variety Club of Great Britain Tribute to Morecambe and Wise, ATV Network, 1979

Presented by Terry Wogan, Noele is just one of many personalities in attendance celebrating the work of honorary guests Eric and Ernie. Noele recalls her time with the comedy duo in a   theatre production in Glasgow, where they ended up wet nightly for a week and also Morecambe and Wise’s appearance on Lunchbox where they declared to viewers Nolly was actually a ‘fella in a frock’.

At Home With Larry Grayson, London Weekend Television, 1983

Noele appears on  Larry’s LWT birthday special. Presented by Janet Street-Porter.


ITV Awards, ATV Network, 1966

Noele and Reg Watson pick up the gong for Crossroads which has won ‘ITV Programme of the Year’. Voted for by TV World/TV Times readers.

ITV Awards, ATV Network, 1967

Noele and Reg Watson pick up the gong for Crossroads which has won ‘ITV Programme of the Year’. Voted for by TV World/TV Times readers.

ITV Awards, ATV Network, 1967

Noele collects the award for ‘ITV Personality of the Year’. Voted for by TV World/TV Times readers.

The Sun Television Awards, London Weekend TV, 1973

Noele collected the award on behalf of Crossroads. She attends the event with producer Reg Watson and companion Antony Waters.

The Sun Television Awards, London Weekend TV, 1974

Noele collected the award on behalf of Crossroads.

The Sun Television Awards, Thames Television, 1975

Noele collected the award on behalf of Crossroads.

The TV Times Awards, ATV Network, 1975

Noele won many TV Times awards over the years (from 1969-78) and was the first to be inducted into the TV Times Hall of Fame. It is also noted that at least once Noele walked away with three TV Times awards in one year alone.

In 1975  ITV aired the gong show, when Nolly picked up two awards, including the special Gold TVT gong issued for her multiple awards over the years.

The TV Times Awards, Thames Television, 1976

Another year another win for Noele Gordon.

TV Times Awards Show, Thames Television, 1977

Noele Gordon picks up more gongs for her role as Meg in Crossroads.

TV Times Awards, Thames Television, 1978

Noele Gordon is the first star to enter the TV Times Hall of Fame due to her huge wins with TVT Awards.

BAFTA Awards, BBC One, 1983

From the Grosvenor House Hotel, London the ceremony was hosted by Frank Bough and Selina Scott. Noele gave the gong for Best Single Drama to Pat O’Connor for The Ballroom of Romance.

BAFTA Awards, BBC One, 1984

The 1984 event, hosted by Michael Aspel, from Grosvenor House Hotel, saw Noele give the Original Television Music award to George Fenton.


About Religion, ATV Network, 1968

Noele hosts a special programme from Coventry Cathedral.

Songs That Mater, ATV Network, 1971

A series looking at songs and their meanings. Noele was the presenter for the first series. A similar format to YTV’s Stars on Sunday.

Pearl Hyde Narrowboat Trust, ATV Network, 1971

Recorded at a fundraising event at the Post House Hotel, Allesley, Coventry, Noele appeals for funds for the Pearl Hyde Narrowboat Trust. Noele had been a personal friend of Pearl, the former Mayor of Coventry who had died in a car accident some ten years earlier. The charity took the elderly, disabled and low-income families for summer canal journeys. The scheme had been established by Pearl.

Personally Speaking, 1971

Noele speaks with Leslie Smith on this late night beliefs programme.  Noele appeared a couple of times on the programme in ‘71-’72.

LEPRA Appeal, Scottish Television (STV), 1972

On Sunday, September 3rd 1972 at 6.55pm STV aired a Noele hosted a five-minute film to raise awareness and highlight the work of the charity.

ATV Appeal, ATV Network, 1977

An appeal by Noele Gordon on behalf of St. Mary’s Hospice, Selly Oak, Birmingham, which, when it opens next year, will care for the sick and offer specialist training in this work.

Stars on Sunday, Yorkshire Television, 1977/78

Following the departure of Jess Yates several guest hosts were brought in to present the show, Noele Gordon launched the 1977 run. Noele hosted another edition in 1978 as well as also featuring in a couple of editions as a guest, the first being in early 1977.

BBC Charity Appeal, BBC TV, 1980

Noele Gordon makes a fund-raising appeal on behalf of the Trident Housing Society.


 For ATV News and ATV Today see News and Sport section.

Channel Reports, Channel TV, 1971

Local   news   show   for   Jersey,   Noele and the cast celebrate 1500 episodes  of  Crossroads on  the island and talk to CTV about the landmark.

Anglia News, Anglia Television, 1972 video feature with Noele on the TV Times awards and her continued success at winning gongs for her ITV work since 1968. Anglia was one of the first regions to take Crossroads after ATV began the show.

STV, 1972

Noele makes a special appeal to viewers in Scotland following a break-in at Weir End. A tip-off to ATV’s switchboard the day before the burgulary had come from the Glasgow area and Noele appealed for information via STV.

Central News, Central Television, 1982-1983

Reporter John Caine catches up with Nolly as she embarks on her latest stage show, Call Me Madam. ‘82 Central cameras and reporter Tony Maycock take a look around Noele’s Birmingham flat for a feature on celebrity homes in the region. ‘83 Noele is interviewed, at her Birmingham home, about her recent return to Crossroads with scenes recorded in Venice. She   also discusses her one-woman show on the life of Cosima Wagner. Peter Green is the reporter. ‘83

Northern Life, Tyne Tees Television, 1984

Noele joins the local news programme to discuss her appearance for TV at the Sunderland Empire, her parent’s connection to the North East and her recent return to Crossroads.

TSW Today, Television South West, 1984

Noele chats on the regional news show about her new-found love of Plymouth and her latest stage show in the city, No, No Nanette.

21st Anniversary of ATV


Hits of 1981, Central Television, 1982

Mike Smith hosts the show that looks back on big news and big music from 1981. The sacking of Noele Gordon by ATV features and Kate Robbins performs More Than In Love which had featured in the serial, going on to chart at number 2.

TV-am News, TV-am, 1985

Just before 9.25am on April   14th   TV-am   break   the   news   that Noele Gordon has died. Jayne Irving is the presenter.

BBC National News, BBC One, 1985

Jan Leeming introduces BBC  News,  which reports the death of Noele Gordon.

ITN National News, ITN/ITV, 1985

ITN bring the news of Noele’s death to ITV viewers.

Central News, Central Television, 1985

Central reflect on the career of Noele Gordon following the announcement of her death.

ITV Tribute, Central Television, 1985

On April 15th Bob Warman voiced a network tribute to Noele. It was shown before Crossroads that evening.

Format V: A Nolly Tribute, ATV/Central TV, 1985

Wendy Jones recorded a special version of Format V which re-screened the 1978 interview with Noele as a tribute by Central in the week of Noele’s death in 1985.

Telly Addicts, BBC One, 1985

In 1985 picture of Noele Gordon, along with other stars, including Larry Grayson, featured in the opening titles to BBC quiz show Telly Addicts, hosted by Noel Edmonds.

Central News, Central Television, 1985

Bob Warman reports on the funeral of Noele Gordon, that saw 1000s line the streets of Ross on Wye.

News at Ten, ITN/ITV, 1985

Terry Lloyd reports on the funeral of Noele Gordon, who he describes as ‘the Queen of British soap’. Terry also  notes the 1000s of fan (around 2500) who have gathered to say farewell to their ‘TV friend.’

BBC National News, BBC One, 1985

BBC News programmes The Six O’Clock News and Nine O’Clock News report on the funeral of  Noele Gordon.

Central News, Central Television, 1985

Central News reporter Dave Foster brings footage and remembrance from Noele Gordon’s Memorial Service, held at Birmingham Cathedral in May 1985.

Bob Monkhouse, Shaw Taylor, Tony Adams, Jane Rossington, Derek Batey, Wayne Sleep, Russell Harty, Sue Lloyd, Larry Grayson, Moria Lister, Ronald Allen, Jack Haig, Danny La Rue, Kathy Staff, Terry Wogan, Su Pollard, Fiona Fullerton, Leslie Crowther, Janet Brown, Max Bygraves, Honour Blackman, and Nicolas Parsons are just some of the celebrities in attendance.

Crossroads Revisited, Central Television, 1985

To mark 21-years since Crossroads started Central celebrate the serial and also pay tribute to Noele Gordon.

Open Air: The End of Crossroads, BBC One, 1988

Noele and Crossroads are celebrated on BBC One with guests Larry Grayson, Tony Adams, Jane Rossington, Lynette McMorrough and Kathy Staff. The Noele Gordon and Crossroads Appreication Society also features.

Central News, Central Television, 1989

The 25th anniversary of Crossroads is marked with a special event by The Noele Gordon and Crossroads Appreciation Society, Central went a long to join in the celebrations. Stan Stennett, Janet Hargreaves and Peggy Aitchison are interviewed.

Daytime Live, BBC One, 1989

The 25th anniversary is marked by BBC One. Noele Gordon and the Crossroads Appreciation Society feature. Angus Lennie, Janet Hargreaves and Peggy Aitchison are interviewed.

Gloria, On Soaps, BBC One, 1990

Gloria Hunniford welcomes Anthony Morton, Jane Rossington and Tony Adams to look back on Crossroads and their time working with Noele.

TV Heroes, BBC One, 1991

In 1991 BBC One aired a tribute hosted by Danny Baker to Noele Gordon as part of his TV Heroes series.

Crossroads 30 Years On, Central Television, 1994

Noele and Crossroads is celebrated three decades after it first aired. Introduced by Jane Rossington with Peter Kingsman from the Noele Gordon and Crossroads Appreciation Society.

Pebble Mill: Crossroads 30 Years On, 1994

Alan Titchmarsh hosts a special episode celebrating Crossroads and Noele. Guests include Anthony Morton, Angus Lennie, Kathy Staff and Jane Rossington.

ATV Night, BBC Two, 1994

Crossroads, Lunchbox and Noele are celebrated as the BBC look at the work of Lord Lew Grade in an evening of programmes.

40 Years of ITV, Central Television, 1996

In  1996 Central looked back at four decades of ITV in the Midlands. Presenter  Bob Holness looked at Lunchbox and Crossroads with contributions from Ned Sherrin, Lord Lew Grade and Jane Rossington.

Smillie’s People, BBC One, 1996

To coincide with the return of Crossroads to UK Gold Carol Smillie looks at the soap. Kathy Staff and Jane Rossington share their memories.

Anglia News, Anglia TV, 1998

How the memory of Noele and Crossroads is kept alive by the Appreciation Society, based in the Anglia region.

Collectors’ Lot, Channel 4, 1998

Peter Kingman’s Noele Gordon collection features.

Open House, Channel 5, 2000

There are rumours abound that ITV is bringing back Crossroads. Gloria Hunniford wants to know more, Jane Rossington and Peter Kingsman discuss.

This Morning, Granada Television, 2001

With the return of Crossroads an interest in the original series increases. Jane Rossington and Tony Adams talk to Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan about the old and new Crossroads and working with Noele.

This Morning – Granada Television, 2005

As part of the first  DVD release, Noele and Crossroads is celebrated by the ITV morning show. Guests include Angus Lennie, Sue Lloyd and Lynette McMorrough.

The Paul O’Grady Show, Granada Television, 2005

Another look at Crossroads and Noele. Kathy Staff and Jane Rossington Feature

BBC Breakfast, BBC One, 2005

Kathy Staff talks about Crossroads and the affection towards Noele Gordon.

Loose Women, Granada Television, 2009

The Loose Women celebrate Crossroads’ 45th  anniversary with guest Susan Hanson.

The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Spun Gold, 2009

Alan, now on  ITV, marks the 45th anniversary of Crossroads with guest Susan Hanson.

Noele Gordon Archive credit on ‘Doctor Who: Unleashed’

The Unforgettable Noele Gordon, North One/ITV, 2012

ITV celebrate the life and career of TV pioneer Noele Gordon with interviews and archive footage. Anne Diamond, Alan Coleman, Jean Bayless, Jane Rossington and Tony Adams are among the pals paying tribute to the star.

Crossroads 50th Anniversary Special, BBC Radio 2, 2014

The 50th anniversary of Crossroads is marked by BBC Radio 2 with an hour-long special. Paul O’Grady hosts with Jane Rossington, Paul Henry, Susan Hanson and Tony Adams. Music by Noele features.

Crossroads 50th Anniversary, Central News, 2014

Noele and Crossroads is celebrated with a Central News feature. Jane Rossington and Tony Adams talk about the show and Nolly, while members from the official fan club celebrate in a chalet at Penns Hall Hotel – the location for the motel in the 1980s.

The Most Shocking Moments of the 1980s, Channel 5, 2016

Noele’s 1981 departure from Crossroads proved to be one of the most shocking moments of the ‘80s. Anne Diamond, Tony Adams and Christopher Biggins reflect on her ‘goodbye’ from the show she loved.

When Celebrities Go Pop, Channel 5, 2016

Another outing for Noele on Channel 5 in this documentary looks at when TV personalities go into the music recording studio to release a pop song. Noele is one of the many celebrities featured who turned to recording records during their telly fame. Others featured include Russ Abbott, Anita Dobson and Nick Berry.

Julie Walters: Vision Taken Seriously

Vision Express advert in which Julie Walters looks back at the people and programmes, including Nolly, that shaped her early life. Running from 2015-2019.

When Soap Stars Go Wrong, Channel 5, 2021

Channel 5 take a fresh look at the demise of Meg Mortimer from Crossroads as part of this soap star special. Noele’s axing from the ATV saga features with Crossroads actors Steven Pinder and Graham Seed reflecting on her departure. Others to talk about their love of Crossroads include Patsy Kensit and Debbie Arnold. Others to speak of the show include Corrie Icon Bruce Jones and Inside Soap editor Stuart Murphy.

Britain’s Favourite Christmas TV Moments, Channel 5, 2022

Stephen Mangan narrates a look at memorable festive television offerings. Noele and Crossroads feature for the annual motel sing-a-long. Features Good Morning Britain’s Richard Arnold recalling just how famous Noele, and how massive Crossroads, was in the ’70s.

Central News, 2022

A feature on the announcement of Nolly and a look back at Noele’s career

ITV News, 2022

The ITV News programmes feature a look at the forthcoming drama on Noele Gordon.

Nolly, ITV Studios / Quay Street Productions, 2023

ITV look at the life of Noele Gordon in a three-part drama penned by Russell T Davies.

The Real Nolly, ITV, 2023

An hour-long documentary to complement the Russell T Davies drama.

Central News, 2023

The Midlands news show at the screening of Nolly in Birmingham, talking to the cast, previewing the ITVX drama and remembering the real Noele Gordon.

The Greatest TV of the 60s, Channel 5, 2023

A trilogy series from Channel 5 looking at decades of television. This 1960s episode looks at, in a soapy segment, Crossroads and Noele Gordon.

The Greatest TV of the 70s, Channel 5, 2023

The second episode of ‘The Greatest TV of the…’ looked at the 1970s and this episode featured the popularity of Noele across the decade.

The Greatest TV of the 80s, Channel 5, 2023

The third episode of ‘The Greatest TV of the…’ looked at the 1980s and this episode featured Noele’s departure from ATV and Crossroads in 1981. Names talking about Crossroads and Noele across the series included Debbie McGee, Christopher Biggins, Sharon Marshall, Cheryl Baker, Anne Diamond and William Roache.

Doctor Who Unleashed, BBC Three, 2023

In the third episode of the ‘Unleashed’ 2023 series Russell T Davies talks of where he got the inspiration for the 60th Anniversary story ‘The Giggle‘. Russell notes that it came from the research of Noele Gordon and her work with John Logie Baird on the colour TV experiments as part of his writing of ITV drama Nolly. NGA provided photography to this programme.

Lorraine, ITV1, 2023

Lorraine Kelly looks at the Nolly drama and speaks to Russell T Davies and Helena Bonham Carter about the project. NGA provided photography to this programme.

Imagine…, BBC One, 2023

In a programme looking at the life and work of Russell T Davies, a section looks at his love of Crossroads and creating the drama Nolly. Contains a brief look at Noele Gordon.