Road show is tops

Top Twenty Hit


FOR the first time in its eight years Crossroads – A T V ‘s long running serial – is in the top twenty.

The reason for the bigger audience? The show is at last being fully networked [It wasn’t technically, it was sold to each ITV region separately who scheduled it in ‘regional slots’. It wasn’t gifted a network positon].

Granada Television have now started to screen the adventures of Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon) at her Midlands motel.

More editions of Crossroads have been screened than any other TV series in the UK. The latest JICTAR ratings – used by ITV to register the size of a TV programme’s audience – gives it a viewership of more than 10,000,000 per episode.

That’s more than watched not only the recent Saturday night Julie Andrews spectacular (ATV) but also the BBC’s new Eric Sykes series and The Two Ronnies.

Since Crossroads (I T V times vary) is not screened in peak viewing and never at weekends this figure is something of a TV phenomenon.

You can now see more of Meg Richardson’s staff, guests and friends today, though the actual storyline differs in the ITV regions.

Daily Mirror, by Clifford Davis