Noele – for the Record


WHAT does it feel like to have appeared on TV more than any other actress?

Noele Gordon – who as Meg Richardson has been running that motel of hers in Crossroads for over nine years – says: “It’s smashing.”

The serial, which is also seen in Australia, has just chalked up 2000 epsiodes – a UK record – and Noele has been in nearly all of them. You can see another edition on I T V today (times vary).

“Tired of it? Not a bit!” she says, “If you let yourself get bored with this kind of serial then it’s your own fault. I played the lead in the stage musical Brigadoon for 1000 performances and was bored.

“Always registering the same emotions and the same feelings night after night. No chance to do anything different. But with Crossroads situations change all the time, and Meg Richardson’s reactions change with them. For an actress that means a tremendous chance to play many different facets of one character”


Crossroads tied with Coronation Street as number two in the Top Twenty list of Britain’s most popular TV programmes last week.

Daily Mirror, written by Clifford Davis.

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