Television Today: Crossroads Review

Grown in Stature


AS is known ATV’s Crossroads makes a daily appearance and it is a mark of the interest of the characters in and around this motel that their daily adventures never seem to dry up.

They have certainly grown in stature since Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon) first allowed us into her motel.

Chief among my favourites are Sandy Richardson (Roger Tonge) who is now a working lad, and Cyril Stanford (Malcolm Russell) his boss. There is a fine companionship between the boy and the elderly man which makes the scenes in which they appear particularly interesting.

It was a bit hard that the storyline scriptwriters Evadne Price and Ken Attiwell had to follow on April 29 made know Cyril with a fainting attack and, worse still, made it impossible to find out how the old boy is for some days.

Carlos Rafael (Anthony Morton) has developed into a good character, although there is still a leaning to make him the funny foreigner.

Five editions a week is a lot of lines to learn and to write. Sometimes it shows.

Review written by Marjorie Norris

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