Stage Man’s Diary by Georgie Wood

At a Crossroads aged 74


‘Diary, Wednesday, December 16’. To describe the events of today would need at least four pages of ‘diary’. At the studios of the ATV Network, opened in Birmingham last March by Princess Alexandra, I recorded two episodes of the long-running ATV serial Crossroads.

REG WATSON the producer kindly arranged my schedules so that I could get to the BBC studios to be interviewed by Sue McGregor for Radio 4’s 5 p.m. programme.

How I wish I could expound at length on the sheer professionalism of all concerned in Crossroads. and mention them individually.

I’ll content myself by writing about those I was privileged to have scenes with – AMY TURTLE, who is about my size and looks like me in ‘drag’. Lovely teenager DIANE KEEN who plays Sandra; the brilliant actor DAVID LAWTON who plays Mr Booth and of course that darling NOELE GORDON the anchorwoman MEG RICHARDSON of the Crossroads Motel.

A final word from her to BILLY RUSSELL; They loved having you in the series. They all admire you as a perfectionist and, listen Billy, the technical boys and stage crew were all anxious to add their praise – some of them even believed it when I said that I am your father! And I took that as a very great compliment.

Crossroads at 5 p.m. I could not wish for more than this, my last day of being seventy-four.

The Stage, written by Georgie Wood, 1970