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Mini-Jet Meg will meet her namesakes



NOELE GORDON sets out on a flying whistle-stop tour this Friday, which is ominously the 13th. It will be a 1.600-mile tour of Britain in a mini-jet. And all of it between breakfast and dinner!

In a twin-engined American six-seater Learsiegler, a 550 m.p.h ‘flying boardroom’ hired from Switzerland, she will leave Elmdon airport in Birmingham after a bowl of Corn Flakes and fly off for eggs and bacon in Glasgow.

After that it will be coffee in Carlisle, lunch in Southampton,  tea (twice) in Exeter and Bristol and then dinner back in Birmingham.

Is Noele worried about flying on Friday the 13th? “No” she said, “I’m not superstitious. And anyway, 13 is my lucky number!”

Sue Nicholls, who plays Marilyn Gates, and two other cast members will fly with Noele. The object of the tour, on the same date as Crossroads‘ 400th episode, is for Noele to meet viewers outside of the Midlands.


In particular, she will be meeting dozens of real-life Meg Richardsons, the namesake of the part she plays in the programme. In each area of the tour Mrs Meg Richardsons are being invited to tell Noele why they would like to meet her and what they like best about Crossroads.

Those with the best reasons from each ITV region will be invited to a party to celebrate the 500th episode of Crossroads in September 1967

“I get hundreds of letters every week from people who watch Crossroads, one came recently from a real Mrs Meg Richardson in London. That’s when I got the idea for this whistle-stop tour

“In fact a lot of the fan letters seem to think of Meg as a real person. Only a few days ago, I was standing in the rain waiting for a taxi, when a huge lorry pulled up and the driver shouted ‘jump in, Meg, I’ll give you a lift’.”

Birmingham Post, 1966

Item courtesy of Reg Watson

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