Jack Hylton Presents

Maurice Chevalier


A.J. Hindle-Briscall did a good job of work for Jack Hylton in a short time getting such a representative crowd at the Savoy Hotel on Thursday to welcome Maurice Chevalier to this country.

C.B. Cochran, Chesney Allen, Jimmy Nervo, Noele Gordon, and some of the stars of Romany Love were there.

Mr Chevalier told THE STAGE that Jack Hylton saw him in Copenhagen doing a one-man show, and liked it so much that he wanted to present it in this country. But first he has to go to New York to show it there, and then to Canada and afterwards Mr. Hylton hopes to play it in one of his London theatres.

Maurice Chevalier, if a little stouter, looked very fit.

The Stage, ‘The Variety Stage’ section, 1947

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